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          Become one of the leading universities in science centers, educational standards, advanced research, local wisdom center, and local development in arts and culture.

          The Graduate School Project is a coordinating unit with numerous agencies involved in the management of graduate studies, responsible in setting quality assurance standards for educational management, creates, develops, boosts and improves curriculum in various disciplines in accordance to the needs of local personnel development, and to promote and disseminate research work results to society.

          Based on vision and philosophy, the Graduate School Project has the following missions:
          1. It is the center of production of graduates: Management of graduate education - the Graduate Diploma, Master’s degree and Doctor of Philosophy. To aid the shortage of academic programs, the development programs in both Master’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy are accelerated.

          2. It is the hub of development and promotion in academic standings for teachers, school administrators, executive educational personnel and professionals. It provides educational courses, trains teachers and educational personnel to improve the quality of personnel and elevates the level of teaching profession for school administrators, and educational personnel both quantitative and qualitative.

          3. It is the center of imparting knowledge, concepts, innovation, technology, and academic services to communities. It provides services that has been searched, filtered, and examined to local communities nationally and globally.

          4. It is the center for preservation of arts and culture. The promotion of arts and culture focuses on the development of each profession and field of study.

          5. It builds alliances and networks to develop graduate school towards excellence and internationalization.

          6. It develops the quality of thesis research and expedites the increase in the volume and professional development research. This is based on the local problems, needs, necessities, including applied research results continuously and disseminate globally.

          7. It accelerates the regulation and announcement of guidelines to have a system of administration and services in education management to meet standards. There is a database system that is accurate, convenient, fast, auditable and managed by members of the organization participating